Method Own

Content Marketing Dr. Lluís Feliu has made SMDE method with the aim of promoting the benefits of SMEs in the digital sector. The method is the best marketing strategy to enhance content and assign each company KPI's to ensure the achievement of goals.


The method is based on the merger of 100% measurable indicators such as:



The percentage of clicks or clicks ratio is an indicator used in the world of advertising and measuring the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns. more info

Social Tàfic

The social media optimization is the set of strategies applied to the activity of social media, such as social networks or social television, in order to increase the popularity of the internet site. more info


Auto convert visitors into paying customers for a product or service. more info


Online reputation is the subjective interpretation of all information appearing on the Internet about a person, company, organization, institution, or trademark. more info


Marketing concept that designates a customer loyalty to a brand, product or service. more info


Recommender systems are intelligent systems that provide users with a series of personalized suggestions on certain types of items that may be of interest to the user based on the preferences expressed implicitly or explicitly. more info

Backed method

Our method is endorsed by the thesis of our marketing director, Lluís Feliu, after four intense years analyzing the presence and campaigns SMEs in Catalonia.

Our method has been in the news media and national government, the mainstream press and media sector.

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