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The marketing day in Catalan is back


EU Mediterrani and edeon sign a collaboration agreement to continue promoting the professional meeting. This second edition of the JMC will be held on April 21 at the Mediterranean University School, in Barcelona.

The second Catalan Marketing Day (JMC) takes root and changes its location. The marketing and marketing agency edeon and the Mediterranean University School (center affiliated with the University of Girona) have reached an agreement to join forces and continue promoting the meeting of marketing professionals in Catalan.

The previous edition, held at the ESADE CREAPOLIS headquarters in Sant Cugat del Vallès, was sponsored by the Fundació.cat and the collaboration of companies and entities such as; La Brava , Frit Ravich , Sant Cugat Business , La Fageda , EU Mediterranean , CECABLE and Platform for the Language . About a hundred people heard from the reports of Miguel Centeno, Sponsorship Manager Marketing of the SPORT newspaper, to José Luis Blanco, former athlete and president of the La Sansi Club , to Marc Biosca, technician of the Platform for the Language, the general director of Amat Immobiliaris , Guifré Homedes, and the Marketing director of Agrofresc , Anna Rúbia

With the aim of continuing to normalize the presence of Catalan in companies, and especially in marketing and communication campaigns, the organizers are already finishing the grid with the speakers of this second edition.

"We are closing presentations with leading companies that can share successful cases of marketing strategies in Catalan. We want to show that in Catalonia, campaigns in Catalan are possible and profitable, "explains Lluís Feliu , marketing director of the edeon agency and one of the promoters of JMC. For his part, Rafa Arza , assistant to the management of the EU Mediterranean, assures that "we believe that the objectives of the day fit very well with the foundations of our Marketing Degree, a university degree open to the world, that understands the marketing as the best tool for connecting businesses and people. "

Prize 'Tarannà 2020':

For the second consecutive year, the Deputy Director of RAC1 and RAC105, Jofre Llombart , will present the award to the company that according to edeon professionals, UdG teachers and marketing students from the EU Mediterranean, standardizes and uses Catalan in a formal way. most effective in your marketing campaigns. Girona's Konig, a restaurant company with fifteen establishments, was the winner of the 'Tarannà 2019' award during the first edition of the JMC. The winners of the Tarannà Prize are companies that have been selected taking into account different criteria such as: web portal, presence in social networks, product labeling, projection, solidarity actions, advertising, signage and customer service.

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