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Sant Cugat hosts the first day of marketing in Catalan


With the aim of normalizing the presence of Catalan in companies, and especially in marketing and communication campaigns, the edeon.net marketing agency , with the sponsorship of the   PuntCAT Foundation   and the collaboration of Acribis Group ,   Sant Cugat Empresarial   i   Pimec , organizes the first day of marketing in Catalan.

The day, which will be the first edition, will feature a varied format where different speakers will explain experiences, present reports and discuss the use of Catalan in current marketing campaigns.

The Day will begin with the welcome of the councilor for economic promotion of the City Council of Sant Cugat del Vallès,   Sílvia Solanellas   and of the Doctor in Marketing and founder of e-deon.net,   Lluís Feliu.   Immediately the first block will begin with the presence of   Miguel Centeno , Sponsorship Manager Marketing of the SPORT newspaper and of   José Luis Blanco , former international athlete and current organizer of athletic races with more than 40,000 registered per year. They will talk about the importance of obtaining sponsorship, selecting and adapting them to the public.

After the sponsorship block, very focused on the sports field, the information pill of the Platform for Language will take place, where   Marc Biosca , technical of the area of business and services will present data on the use of Catalan in the company ..

The last two blogs, which will end at 1:30 p.m., will have a conversation between representatives of two companies that use Catalan quite normally when they do marketing campaigns. On the one hand, the general director of Amat Immobiliaris,   Guifré Homedes , and the director of Marketing of Agrofresc,   Anna Rúbia , who will talk about the marketing strategies of the two companies.

Finally, it will be the turn for the recognition of the company that normalizes the use of Catalan by using it in its marketing strategies. Will be delivered   Tarannà Award 2019 , a prize that annually wishes to publicly congratulate the company that has not only used Catalan in its marketing strategies but has shown that it is possible and profitable to do so. This award will be given by the journalist and you will be director of the World at RAC1,   Jofre Llombart .

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