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Airlines That Celebrate Christmas With The World's Largest Screen ...

Iberia congratulates Christmas on the world's largest video screen


Iberia has started a very bright marketing campaign to celebrate Christmas. The action resulted in the deployment of 2,600 LED devices, which allow passengers on their flights to see real-time messages to themselves from the planes they land on.

Apart from being an international gateway, the Madrid-Barajas T-4 is one of the main meeting points for all those who return home for Christmas at this time. Starting with the claim " There is nothing bigger than Christmas ", Ogilvy created for Iberia a giant greeting, the largest in the world, visible from the planes landing in the Spanish capital at that time.

Near the runways, 2,600 LED screens have been placed that project in real time the messages that users send through the web portal www.navidadiberia.com . The initiative is a challenge at the innovation level, says the agency, as the installation of the screen occupies 24,000 m2 next to the T4 and has required the use of an advanced anti-glare system, which makes it possible to see the messages from the planes 500 meters above sea level.

In addition, the system is coordinated with the two T4 runways and synchronized with the airport's air traffic so that users can see the messages on the screen in real time based on their flight number. The campaign, which launched on December 13 and runs through January 2, 2020, is available on the company's social channels, where you can also watch the video of the launch.

From edeon we would like to congratulate Ogilvy on the good initiative and Iberia for believing in the proposal and contracting it. Congratulations and Happy Holidays!